What servcies do we offer?

External & Internal Plastering

We offer both external and internal plastering services to improve the appearance, weather resistance, and durability of your building.

Our team of experienced plasterers use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure that your building’s external plastering will last for years to come.

Our team of skilled plasterers can handle any type of internal plastering project, from small repairs to full-scale renovations. We use only the best quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure that your walls will be smooth, durable, and beautiful. Whether you’re looking to renovate your home or office, we can help you create the perfect space.

We cover all aspects of plastering leaving a perfect smooth finish ready for painting.

Why should you plaster?

  • Cracked and Blown Walls + Ceilings
  • Water Damage
  • Bathroom / Kitchen Refits
  • Repairs after new sockets + lights.

Tradtional Rendering, Silicone and Monocouche Rendering

An exterior coating to your property, which protects and modernises the building. There are 3 main finishes;

  • Traditional Sand and Cement Render is a classic method that has been used for many years, but it’s a multi-coat system that can be time-consuming and requires regular maintenance, whilst also required to be painted
  • Silicone Render is a modern method providing a smooth and durable finish to buildings. It is a through-coloured render coming in 100’s of colours and contains silicone, making it resistant to weathering and UV rays. This doesn’t require painting.
  • Monochouche is a modern method providing a smooth and durable finish to buildings. It is a one-coat system that comes in a wide range of colours and is also weather resistant. This doesn’t require painting

All these rendering systems are suitable for use on new builds and renovations, but the choice between them will depend on the specific requirements of the project.

Other Services


Plaster boards are stuck with a special adhesive to existing walls and then plastered. This allows for a quicker drying process.

Used for;

  • Straighten old erected walls.
  • New builds
  • Extensions
  • Refurbs

Artex Covering

Artex Covering is ideal for covering over existing textured surfaces to leave a smooth surface.

Warning! Some Artex pre 1999 can contain aspestos. We can arrange a test to be taken before any work is done upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of external / internal insulation?

External insulation can significantly improve the thermal performance of a building, reduce energy bills, and enhance the appearance of the exterior walls. It can also help to reduce condensation and damp problems.

Internal insulation can improve the thermal comfort of a building's occupants, reduce heating costs, and make it easier to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. It can also help to reduce noise transmission between rooms.

Is external insulation suitable for all buildings?
External insulation is suitable for most types of buildings, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. However, it may not be suitable for buildings with heritage or architectural significance, as it can alter the appearance of the exterior walls.
Can external insulation be retrofitted?
Yes, external insulation can be retrofitted to existing buildings to improve their energy efficiency and thermal performance. However, it's essential to consult with a professional to assess the feasibility of the project and to ensure that the insulation is installed correctly.
What materials are used for internal insulation?
Common materials used for internal insulation include rigid insulation boards, mineral wool, and reflective foil insulation. These materials are typically installed between the internal wall surface and plasterboard or drywall.
Does internal insulation reduce room size?
Internal insulation can reduce the usable floor area of a room slightly, as it involves adding additional layers to the walls. However, the impact on room size is usually minimal and can be offset by the energy savings achieved through improved insulation.
How do I know if my property needs insulation upgrades?
Signs that your property may benefit from insulation upgrades include high heating or cooling bills, uneven room temperatures, drafts, condensation or damp issues, and poor energy efficiency ratings. An energy assessment or audit can help to identify areas for improvement and recommend suitable insulation solutions.
Can insulation improve the resale value of a property?
Improved energy efficiency, comfort, and reduced heating bills resulting from insulation upgrades can enhance the resale value of a property. Additionally, properties with high energy performance ratings may be more attractive to potential buyers and command a higher market value.

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